A Damaged Roof Is a Liability

You'll need roof repairs soon in Portland or Aransas Pass, TX

Roof damage can leave your home at risk. You could be vulnerable to harsh weather, pests and even intruders. It's important to get your roof fixed as soon as you notice issues. A1 Contractors performs asphalt and metal roof repairs in Portland & Aransas Pass, TX. If you see nails going through your roof or water spots on your ceilings, it's time to call on us. We can handle hail, wind and rain damage without a hitch.

Speak with a roof repairs specialist now to get more details on our services.

All-around care for your roof

While asphalt and metal roof repairs are our specialty, we can also work on the structures on and around your roof. That way, you get comprehensive care from the same trusted company. Our team can:

  • Replace or repair your gutters
  • Fix damaged roof vents
  • Work on broken skylights

We're the team you need for roof repairs in Portland or Aransas Pass, TX. Meet with a contractor today to discuss your needs.